From the nuts 和 bolts of the application process to deeper conversations around the academic 和 student experience, 我们将在整个过程中为您提供帮助. 有问题? 联络我们: admissions@guanglihongroadlighting.com.


申请通过通用申请在线提交. The system will guide you through the process based on whether you are applying as a first-year or transfer student.



Here you will find pages with more information about the application process for different applicant categories. 有关资格的详细信息在每页的顶部注明:


确保你的菲律宾十大网赌网站经历是非凡的  负担得起的. The 金融援助 Office can help you underst和 your award package 和 answer any questions you may have. 

申请的最后期限 & 通知日期


的最后期限 通知
国内一年级及转学生 11月1日 12月1日
国际大一新生和转学生 11月1日 11月10日


的最后期限 通知
一年级提前决定 11月15日 12月15日
第一年早期行动 12月1日 2月15日
一年级提前决定2 1月1日 2月1日
第一年常规决定 1月15日 4月1日
国内转移 3月15日 4月15日
国际转移 3月15日 4月15日

如果你错过了约会,只要 菲律宾十大网赌网站 有问题的.


  • 所有申请必须 收到的 公布的申请日期.

  • 是的. A supplemental essay is also required for international students who apply for either first-year or transfer admission.

    • We look for applicants who have shown initiative; self-motivation; independence; self-awareness; curiosity; creativity; 和 the ability 和 感兴趣 to make a contribution to their communities. 我们也希望应聘者有很强的批判性思维和写作能力, 以及一种承诺和坚持到底的感觉.

      我们首先看申请人的学习项目:你是否挑战过自己? 你上过高级课程吗? 你在校外参加过讲习班或大学课程吗? 参加暑期大学预科课程? 发起了一项社区服务倡议? 申请在你的学校找一个新的教练或项目? These are all good signs that you'll be self-motivated enough to meet Hampshire's expectations of you as a student. 接下来我们要看你在这些方面的表现, 这一点在成绩上很明显, 考试成绩(如果你选择提交的话), 写作样本, 和建议. 我们正在寻找具有较强的基本写作能力的学生, 因为我们在菲律宾十大网赌网站做了很多写作(每学期大约20篇论文). 我们并不期望学生们确切地知道他们想要主修什么, 但我们确实喜欢看到那些热情地追求自己兴趣的学生. We look for students who are active participants in life 和 who tend to create opportunities for themselves 和 take responsibility 和 ownership over their lives 和 educational paths.
    • 我们对菲律宾十大网赌网站的录取没有严格的课程要求, but we do recommend four years of English; three of math, 科学, 和 history/social studies; 和 at least two of a foreign language.

      Many students find that they are finally able to take more electives in their senior year 和 want to know if it's okay to do so. 那很大程度上取决于你选的选修课. We're looking to see you challenging yourself by taking four to five academic courses each year, 所以,如果你选择的选修课是学术性的(例如.e.、音乐理论、妇女历史等.),那么你就成功了. 如果你建议的课程比我们推荐的少, 但你的课程已经达到了高级水平, 这可能足以让我们相信你仍在挑战自己. Your guidance counselors are the best source of advice regarding what you should plan to take: Remember, 在你被大学录取之前,他们已经帮助了很多学生. 如果你想要额外的建议, 然而, 如果有任何具体的担忧或问题,请随时打电话给招生办公室.
    • 菲律宾十大网赌网站接受AP和IB成绩,以及大学学分. 学生最多可以使用以下所述的八门课程和考试.

      Regular academic courses taken from an accredited college or university during high school, 成绩为C或C以上,有大学成绩单证明, 可以使用:

      • 由导师和CASA批准的最多三门一级选修课.

      • 在由第二部门委员会和CASA批准的第二部门.

    Advanced Placement (AP) exams with scores of 4 or 5; International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher-Level exam with scores of 5, 6 or 7; or some international exams like the French Baccalaureate 可以使用:

    • 由导师和CASA批准的最多三门一级选修课.学生必须保持良好的学术地位才能被考虑为高级课程.
    • Please see the section Guidelines for Academic Progress for more information on good academic st和ing. 有关第二部门的更多信息,请参见第二部门的要求. For more information on Advanced St和ing, contact the Center for Academic Support 和 建议 at advising@guanglihongroadlighting.com.
    • 转学分可以直接应用于I级的期望. 课程也可能适用于第二部门, 只要它们符合相同的标准,就可以被接受为转移学分. 教师 advisors can guide students in planning a curriculum that takes advantage of as much prior college work as possible. The number of courses 和 learning activities necessary to complete Division II will be determined by the individual student's Division II committee. 每个学生的课程都是单独设计的,进度也各不相同.
    • The minimum residency requirement for transfer students for graduation is three semesters, 不管有多少学分可以转让. Students receiving financial aid should consult with the financial aid office regarding the number of semesters of financial aid eligibility.
    • 绝对! 我们接受在家学习的学生的申请, 失学的学生, 获得GED或其他高中毕业证明的学生, 非传统入学年龄的成年学生... 这样的例子不胜枚举!
    • 如果你完成了一个不提供传统成绩单的项目, 我们需要你提供高中和继续教育的记录.
    • If you're concerned about your ability to get a counselor or teacher letter of recommendation, we may be able to substitute a letter from another mentor or supervisor in your life such as a boss, 宗教领袖, 或者教练. 和你的招生顾问谈谈你的选择.
    • While Hampshire does not commit to filling a certain percentage of our incoming class with students from the early applicant pool, 尽早申请有很多好处. 第一个, there is the ability to actually enjoy the rest of your senior year because you'll hear back from us sooner with your admissions decision. 其次,如果你提前申请,你的竞争对手就会更少. It's easier to st和 out among the few hundred early applications that Hampshire receives versus the 2,我们收到1000美元作为正式决定. 第三, if you're applying Early Decision I or II 和 therefore demonstrating that Hampshire is your top choice, 招生委员会确实会采取你的主动, 感兴趣, 在做录取决定的时候,积极地考虑承诺.
    • 是的. 如果你申请提前录取, 早期决策II或早期行动, 你将使用纳税表格来填写经济援助表格, 你会在录取通知书中收到一份暂定的经济援助奖励包. 该奖励将在您提交当前年度税款后最终确定. 你将得到我们最好的经济援助, 不管你的申请截止日期是什么, 只要你在截止日期前提交所有的经济援助表格.
    • 我们不需要试镜或作品集,无论你计划作为你的专业. Hampshire makes all admissions decisions based on your academic performance 和 "fit" with our program, 一旦被接受, 你可以使用所有的项目和设施. Because we do holistic reads of applications, 然而, we like to know as much about you as possible. 如果你的创造性工作对你很重要, 请随意提交您的工作样本, 只要能装下38个就行.5英寸x 11英寸的纸. (cd或dvd必须装在薄薄的纸套里.)你也可以发送一个在线作品集或网站的链接. Please note that a creative option is never going to be the deciding factor in an admission decision.
    • Many students find it is easier to apply while their peers are going through the same process, 和 when they can easily connect with teachers 和 guidance counselors for recommendations. This may be an especially appealing option if you plan to be out of the country during the application season for the year you plan to attend. 你的指导顾问应该能够给你建议, but you're always welcome to call us here at the admissions office to chat about your specific circumstances. 在大多数情况下, 我们鼓励学生在间隔年之前申请, 部分原因是如果你在间隔年之前被拒绝了, then you still have the option to reapply 和 strengthen your application for the following admissions cycle.

      被录取的一年级学生可以, 征得招生办的同意, 推迟入学最多一年. Students must first confirm their intent to enroll at Hampshire by submitting the required enrollment deposit by your deposit deadline. 希望延期的学生应联系他们的 招生顾问. 一旦学生提交了入学保证金, 延期申请表格将成为他们的生活 申请人状态门户. 招生和财政援助主任将评估这些回复, 和 students will receive a response to their request for a gap year within two weeks of submitting the form. 延期可以是一个学期也可以是一年, 在这段时间里,学生们可能不能注册其他学院或大学. Students offered admission from the wait list are not eligible to request a deferral of admission. 春季入学的学生如果想推迟入学,应该联系他们的辅导员.